About Us

At Hampstead School we firmly believe that our motto of ‘Learning Together Achieving Together’ underpins our entire ethos.


  • Nurture independence and provide the right support enabling students to develop confidence and respect.
  • Actively encourage our students to take responsibility for their own learning, recognising them as individuals with their own unique skills and talents.
  • Provide a diverse and rich environment in which students become independent, thoughtful and proactive about their abilities and responsible for their achievements.
  • Encourage our students to develop enquiring minds and to make the most of the many opportunities we offer in school for them to develop morally, spiritually, culturally and socially.

We are passionate about learning in every sense and match our clear focus on academic excellence with a strong commitment to personal, social and emotional development. The vibrant and energetic student community is encouraged to be tolerant and respectful of others and to become responsible citizens of the wider community.


Our specialist status as a Technology College underpins our dynamic approach to teaching and learning. We integrate ICT fully into the curriculum, with students using new technologies to enhance learning within all their subjects. This ensures they leave Hampstead School as confident, able young adults, fully equipped with the skills required to respond effectively to the professional world, whatever path they follow when they leave school.

Through our technology status we have been able to implement a £0.5 million upgrade to the library creating an Independent Learning Centre combining traditional library resources with new technologies. We also provide an inter-connecting network within the school that links the entire school site and provides students and staff with their own work areas controlled Internet access and multi media resources.