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Hampstead School

New Business Technologies



Ms M Jaimini: Head of Business Studies & Head of New Business Technologies Faculty

Mr J Connolly: Business Teacher

Ms I Susi: Business & Economics Teacher

What we aim to do:

Provide a broad and varied curriculum that caters to all levels of ability and interests, and allows for suitable progression pathways from Key Stage Four through to the Sixth Form.

Key Stage 4 Curriculum and Assessment:

AQA Economics GCSE
A challenging subject that invites students to understand how areas of personal finance impact the UK economy, as well as investigate basic economic problems revolving around the allocation of scarce resources to achieve societies demands. Students will engage in abstract, theoretical thought and then apply it to the real world by interpreting and analysing data. Students will learn about supply and demand, competitive markets, UK & international government objectives, the national budget as well as monetary and fiscal policies.

Assessed by 2 exams.

AQA Business and Communications GCSE
Introduces students to various aspects of setting up and running a small business, from entrepreneurial abilities and skills, marketing, finance, organisation and structure, as well as considering the impact that effective communications can have on its success.

Assessed by 1 controlled assessment project and 2 exams.

Institute of Financial Services CeFE (Certificate in Financial Education - GCSE equivalent)
This is an industry supported qualification that introduces students to personal finance, basic economics and business. Students will acquire the skills and knowledge to understand the impact of the finance industry and other external factors on the position of individuals, as well as study the various enterprise aspects of setting up and running a small business.

Assessed by 3 modular exams.

OCR Cambridge National L2 Certificate in Business & Enterprise
This is a vocationally-related L2 qualification that provides a broad foundation of knowledge about how businesses operate and requires students to set up and run their own enterprise. Another unit focuses on career planning (including recruitment), where students can acquire employability skills through project work and hands-on experience.

Assessed by 2 coursework projects and 1 exam.