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Hampstead School



Head of Faculty Ms Sarah Childs

What we aim to do:

The Science Faculty at Hampstead School aims for every student to achieve their full potential by experiencing a broad and balanced curriculum taught by enthusiastic teachers.  An extensive extra-curricular programme enriches students’ experience in science by providing an outlet for naturally enquiring minds.

There is a focus on how students can use science, especially at Key Stage 3 where all students study science with a specific context. This enables students to realise the connections that science has to every other subject taught across the school. 

The Key Stage 3 curriculum allows students to thrive at Key Stage 4 by building a foundation based on enquiry. This gives them the necessary skills to apply the science they have learned to develop their knowledge further.

With this approach Key Stage 5 science subjects offered at Hampstead School are highly popular, with students feeling confident they have the knowledge required to succeed.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum and Assessment:

Students study a contextual scheme of work that develops their investigative and communication skills. The scheme of work incorporates all aspects of The National Curriculum for Science (2013).

Students are taught in their forms in Year 7 and grouped by ability in Years 8 and 9.

Key Stage 4 Curriculum and Assessment:

Students study Edexcel GCSE Science. This course is designed to allow for multiple learning pathways, which suit the learning approaches of every student and the progression route that they wish to follow.

  • They will either study:
  • Single science (CORE)
  • Double science (CORE and ADDITONAL)

Single, double and triple pathways result in one, two and three GCSE qualifications respectively. Those planning to continue studying sciences at A-level will need to study either double or triple sciences at Key Stage 4.

Key Stage 5 Curriculum and Assessment:

A number of courses are on offer at Key Stage 5 in the Science Faculty:

  • Physics (OCR A)
  • Biology (AQA)
  • Chemistry (OCR A)
  • BTEC L3 Health and Social Care
  • BTEC L2 Health and Social Care
  • BTEC L3 Engineering (Year 13 Only)
  • BTEC L3 Applied Science (Year 13 Only)

Enrichment Opportunities:

A variety of enrichment opportunities are offered in science including regular sessions such as:

  • Science Club – KS3 students working on a number of different projects throughout the year
  • GCSE Astronomy – An opportunity offered to high ability Y8 students to achieve a GCSE in Astronomy over 2 years
  • WWF Club – Y7 students working on projects with a focus on wildlife conservation

There are also a number of special events put on throughout the year that involve all key stages.

Additional Information: