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Hampstead School


School Meals

Our new dining hall will open after the October half-term break and will be used by all staff and students alike to sit and eat their meals together. Our catering provider Caterlink aim to provide healthy food for all students, including those eligible for free school meals. There will always be a choice of hot food and a deli counter serving a range of sandwiches, wraps, baguettes and salads. We do not allow sugary or fizzy drinks at any time so provide plenty of water as well as the option of other healthy drink options with meals.

Free School Meals

If you think your child may be entitled to free school meals log on to and complete the brief application. If your child is entitled to free school meals you must still register with our online payment system ParentPay.

Paying for School Meals

We use an online payment system ParentPay so that students do not need to bring cash on to the school site. All parent/carers should have received a registration letter with guidelines on how to set up and activate their child/children’s account. If you have not activated your account please do so, because from 31st October 2016 Hampstead School will no longer be accepting cash or cheques. You can register by accessing the ParentPay site:

If it is more convenient to use PayPoint, using a local store displaying the PayPoint logo, you need to contact the school first.

Students use biometrics to buy food from the dining hall. This is a fast and efficient way of ensuring that all our students receive a meal within the allocated lunch break. If you have not yet completed the consent form, please do so now and return it to the Finance Officer at the school.

Students will also have the opportunity to pre-order their lunch on site and this will need to be done by students at the agreed times.

Through the online system you can see what your child is spending their money on. More information is available from the ParentPay website.

Paying for Trips and Other Items

The online payment system will also be used for payment of trips and all items sold by the school e.g. replacement planners and the small stock of school ties held by the school, etc.