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Hampstead School

Ofsted Report


We were delighted to welcome Ofsted inspectors in October 2021. Hampstead School continues to be an ‘Ofsted good’ school and we are very proud of the many positives highlighted in their report.

‘This is an inclusive school where leaders expect all pupils to ‘think big, work hard and be kind’.

‘Pupils enjoy being at school and are clearly cared for by staff. They are happy and safe’.

‘Bullying is taken seriously by staff and followed up’.

‘Pupils study a broad curriculum that includes the full range of subjects’.

‘There are lots of different extra-curricular activities that pupils can take part in outside of lessons’.

‘If pupils cannot yet read well, there are effective programme of support in place to help them become confident readers’.

‘Pupils value their PSHCE lessons and can talk confidently about issues such as consent, careers and mental health’.

‘Staff are proud to be members of the school, and feel well supported’.

Ofsted will return within one to two years of this inspection to conduct a full Section 5 Inspection.

You can read the Head’s summary to parents via this LINK

The full report can be accessed via this LINK

Parents and Carers can give feedback to Ofsted via this LINK