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Hampstead School


Hampstead School is a Camden Local Authority school and the admissions process varies depending upon the Year Group into which your child would be admitted. Our Admissions Policy follows Camden guidelines in line with the DfE Admissions Policy.

Starting Secondary School: Year 6 to 7 Transition

How to Apply?

Applications for the transition from Year 6 to Year 7 must be made directly to the School Admissions office of the borough in which you live.  Your child’s primary school will be able to advise you on the process.

Starting Year 7 Timeline

You will receive your application outcome from your local authority at the beginning of March and will be given a time frame to respond. When they have confirmed which students are to attend Hampstead School, we will be in contact with the families to complete our enrolment process.

There are many events and opportunities to learn more about the school before starting in September. We will share dates for the following events with our incoming students:

  • Parent Information Evening - Parents are invited to a welcome event where we can answer any pressing questions and you can meet key school staff
  • CATs Testing - Our incoming Year 7s will be invited to the school to complete a CATs test so we can best support their learning. This usually occurs during the May holidays, and we will provide you with the opportunity to select the best day that works for you.
  • Student Interviews - We will invite students and their parents/carers in for an interview with one of our teachers, so we can get to know you better and answer any questions you have
  • Parent Induction &  Meet Your Tutor Evening - Parents/Carers will be shown how to use school processes such as ParentPay and Studybugs
  • Camden Induction Day - Students will attend for an entire day of lessons
  • Summer School - Students will be invited in at the beginning of the summer for a few days of fun activities where they can get to know some of their future teachers as well as their fellow pupils

In-Year Applications

Applications for current year groups 7 to 11 should be made directly to Hampstead School.   Your application is not complete until all the requested supporting documentation has been received.

Supporting Documentation

We require ALL the following supporting documentation to be emailed to us at the time of application:

1. Proof of your child's date of birth e.g. a birth certificate, the front page of a valid passport, or both sides of an ID card
2. Proof of address e.g. your most recent Council Tax bill, Housing Benefit letter, tenancy agreement, or mortgage or rental statement
3. Proof that you currently live at this address e.g. a utility bill such as gas or electricity,  or a bank statement, dated within the last three months

Your application will not be processed without the receipt of these documents. If you have any questions or do not have the above documents available to you, please call the school or email Admissions.


The Application Process

Your application will not be processed until we have received all the supporting documentation. Once it has been processed, you will hear from us within 15 school days.

If the supporting documentation is not all received within three months, your application will no longer be considered valid. Your form and any documents provided will be deleted and the parent/carer will need to reapply.

Applying for a September start

Applications for September will be processed from mid-July onwards. Applications received during the school summer holidays will not be offered until the start of September.

When there is no space available

The position on the waiting list will be determined according to the admissions policy. We do not accept applications in advance, places are filled  as they become available. If a family moves or changes any of their contact details while on the waiting list, it is the responsibility of the family to notify Hampstead School of any changes.  Where there has been a change of address, new proof of address must be supplied.  Changing address will influence the applicant's position on our waiting list.

When a space is available

The position on the waiting list is determined according to the admissions policy. The outcome will be communicated to the parent/carer within 15 working days, in accordance with national guidance.

When we have availability, you and your child will be invited in to meet with the Head of Year to discuss the transition.

Should an offer be made, the offer must be accepted or rejected within two weeks from the date of offer.  If no reply is received, an email will be sent stating that if we do not receive a reply from the family within one week of the date of the letter, the offer will be withdrawn. This will be confirmed in writing and the child’s name will be removed from the waiting list.

Available Support

If you are unable to complete the form or require a translator, please contact the school.

As a part of the admissions process, you may elect to seek advice on the appeals procedure with Camden LEA if you feel that there are mitigating circumstances that need to be taken into consideration as part of your application. If you should wish to proceed with an appeal, please contact Camden LEA Admissions on 020 7974 1625.

If the application link does not work, please copy and paste the following URL into your browser:

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