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Hampstead School

Starting Information


Transitioning From Primary to Secondary School

The process to transition to Secondary School begins in early March, when families submit their applications to their local borough. At the end of March your details will be sent to us, and we will begin the enrolment process. Between March and September, there will be multiple ways to stay in touch with the school, as we try to get to know the new families that are joining us. Events include:

  • Parent Information Evening and Tutor Meet-and-Greet
  • Student Interviews
  • Induction Day
  • Summer School

All these dates, as well as the Parent Handbook, will be sent to you upon receipt of your Registration Forms.

Joining Secondary School as an In-Year Admission

Moving to a new school is always a big change, so we endeavour to make the process as smooth and simple as possible.

When a space becomes available in the year group applied for, we will invite the person at the top of our waiting list in to speak with the Head of Year. This is a chance to talk about their most recent school, why they applied to Hampstead School, their favourite subjects, and any other support they need. The Head of Year will also explain how our school processes work, but if there are any further questions please check out our Information page.

When an offer is extended, the parent/carer will need to return the enrolment forms to the school by the requested date to secure the offered place. At this time, the parent/carer will be sent a handbook and some other materials, and a confirmation of a start date and time. In the rare circumstance where an offer is not extended, the school will promptly provide reasoning in line with the School Admissions Code. This decision will also be scrutinised by the Camden Fair Access Panel. 

On the first day of school, the student will arrive at the agreed time and be met with their Head of Year where they will be introduced to their first class.

If there are any questions in the lead-up to starting, the school reception will always be able to assist.

Starting Sixth Form

At Hampstead School, we have a well-established and highly successful Sixth Form. Large enough to have a lively and stimulating learning atmosphere, but small enough so that all students get to know each other and their teachers very well. This personal touch is central to our students' success in achieving high academic and personal goals.

We welcome applications from students not currently at Hampstead School, and all application details are available on the Sixth Form Page of our website.