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Hampstead School


You can expect to hear from us regarding:

  • Subject-specific notices
  • Star of the hour -  issued to one student each lesson in recognition of outstanding behaviour and work
  • Whole-school notices - policy changes and reminders, changes to school hours
  • Opportunities for your child
  • Parent Consultation Evenings
  • If your child is unwell
  • If we have a concern regarding your child

Please keep an eye out for any communications from us and let us know if you have any issues. Parents/carers are a vital part of our school community and we aim to keep you involved and informed about your child's education.

Communications Policy

The Hampstead School student information management system allows you to allocate as many contacts as possible, and we encourage you to do so! We require each student to have a minimum of two contacts. The first priority contact should always be the child's parent/carer, and general communications will always be sent to this person. However, should we not be able to reach the Priority 1 contact in a case of emergency, we will reach out to the following people provided. You are more than welcome to include a friend, trusted neighbour, or somebody within community as a secondary contact.

If a contact's details change, the updated details must be communicated to the school immediately. We will not accept a change in details directly from a student, so please email reception, call the school, or drop by to let us know directly.

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