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Hampstead School

Art & Design



The Art and Design A’ level is an exceptional, highly-successful course which has a great reputation and strong outside links with galleries.

The faculty contains teachers with a wealth of skill and experience leading a broad-based course exploring practical and critical contextual work through a range of processes and media.

Through workshops, students will develop a high level of skill in a range of media, techniques and processes including Painting, Drawing, Ceramics, Sculpture, and Printing.

Students’ development in the practical areas of Art and Design is informed by understanding and enjoyment of art from a wide range of historical and cultural contexts. Students develop a deeper understanding of how to research and respond to different artists and are supported in developing their own ideas with the aim of creating a personal final outcome. Students are encouraged to be expressive and imaginative with their ideas and use of media.

Our courses in both Art & Design and Photography are ideal for students wishing to pursue a career in the visual arts. Both courses demand students to be fully committed offering engaging and challenging work.   

Sketchbooks are an essential part of GCE (A Level) Art & Design and are required throughout the course and during the examination. Students are provided with a sketchbook to encourage greater autonomy and to use as a visual diary.


Each year we have an artist or designer in residence for two terms who is available to work with students and run afterschool activities. They are also available for students to see how an artist works in regards to career opportunities.

The Art & Design Technology Faculty has an ‘open door’ policy which allows students to use our space and facilities to work on homework and individual projects. We run more formal afterschool clubs looking at ‘Technology and Kinetic Art’ and Artists run workshops.

We work with a variety of other galleries and local artists such as Royal Academy Attract, Insights at Camden Arts Centre, The October Gallery, The Photographers’ Gallery and National Portrait Gallery.

Students who wish to go on to study within the Arts, will benefit from this broad based course, particularly those who wish to follow courses in Theatre, Media, Fine Art & Design related subjects or Architecture.

In order to be successful in Art, a high degree of interest and commitment is more important than having a natural ability.