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Hampstead School




Ms S Bell: Head of Music

Mr J Hale: Teacher of Music

What we aim to do:

Our three full time members of staff and team of 12 peripatetic teachers aim to give all students a well-rounded music education with many opportunities to further their skills and talent.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum and Assessment:

The Year 7 – 9 music course combines the practical elements of performing and composting with background knowledge and listening skills, relating to many different genres of world music. Music technology is introduced later in Years 8 and 9; this includes introducing students to composing music using Garage Band, Logic and Sibelius.

The year is divided roughly into half-termly units which include elements of composition, performance, improvisation and singing. At Key Stage 3 students will be assessed on their half term composition and performance task.

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Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4 Curriculum and Assessment:

We offer Music at GCSE level and follow the Edexcel syllabus, which consists of three parts. Students spend Years 10 and 11 working on each section:

Performance worth 30% of the final mark

Students are required to play or sing two pieces; one is a solo and the other an ensemble. We provide all students with a 20-minute individual instrument lesson fully funded by the school. These lessons are taught by expert DJ/instrumental and singing teachers.

Composition worth 30% of the final mark

For this paper, students prepare two compositions from different areas of study. Year 10 focuses on many different styles and students are expected to complete a Blues or Minimalist piece at the end of this year. In Year 11 students have the option to choose between Club Dance, Song Writing or Film Music.

Listening worth 40% of the final mark

Students spend the two years studying 12 set works of music from various styles. At the end of the two-year course students take the final exam which is a listening and written exam which focuses on all pieces studied.

Key Stage 5 Curriculum and Assessment:

We offer the Edexcel Music As and A2 level course. This is a varied course and furthers students’ knowledge from the similar structured GCSE course.

The course consists of three parts. Students spend each year work on all sections.

Performing Music worth 30% of the final mark

Students are required to perform a final recital on their chosen instrument or voice as solists and/or as part of an ensemble. Students spend each year preparing for this. The expected level on the selected instrument should be above a Grade 5. Instrument lessons are provided by the school in addition to classroom lessons.

Composing worth 30% of the final mark

Students are required to compose music for one of four varied briefs that are set by the exam board at the beginning of the year. This is set and completed using controlled classroom time. Students also complete a one hour exam where they are expected to write up sleeve notes to support their composition.

Developing Musical Understanding worth 40% of the final mark

Students study a range of instrument and vocal set works in order to gain a deeper understanding of musical analysis.

Students further their composition skills here by writing four part harmony. Students are assessed for this unit in an exam.

Enrichment Opportunities:

There is an extensive extra-curricular music programme with many groups for students to join, including several choirs, Jazz band, Concert band, Keyboard Club, Guitar Group, Music Technology club and Rock School.

We hold regular concerts in school and in the local community. Hampstead School students have performed in many prestigious venues some of which include: the Royal Albert Hall, Royal Festival Hall and St George’s Bloomsbury.

Additional Information:

At Hampstead School all students have the opportunity to learn an instrument and we are able to offer various funding scholarships. Students are able to begin lessons at any point during their time at the school and we have a large range of instruments from which to select.