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Hampstead School



In preparation for September, many Parents/Carers will be renewing uniform. Please do refer to our the Uniform Policy and the Addendum for details of our school uniform and its suppliers.

Please note that, although the blazer and formal school shoes remain part of our uniform, we will be extending this summer’s uniform trial up until the end of the autumn term. This trial to make blazers optional and to allow completely black trainers to be worn instead of formal shoes, is in response to the financial situation faced by many families. This may become permanent policy, or we may revert to the existing policy; either way, we will give families lots of notice.

In addition, students moving into Years 8, 9 and 10 need not replace their school tie. We will be replacing their existing tie with a Year Group specific tie in September (at no extra cost to families).

Uniform Policy & Addendum