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Hampstead School


Student Leadership Council

We are delighted to announce our senior student leaders for 2021-22. 

The Principal Students will lead the Student Leadership Council to enact positive change this academic year. These students are a motivated, dedicated and dynamic group of young people, and we are very excited to see the outcomes of the projects that they have chosen to work on. These include raising the profile of student voice, improving access to mental health support and strengthening the school's links with workplaces and professionals.

Principal Students: 
Alisha Ahmed and Finlay Sleeman

Student Leadership Council:
Robyn Aaron
Tanha Ahmed
Amirah Hussein
Elijah Miah
Dimitrios Gunsay

Robyn - "My main aim as a member of the Student Leadership Council is to make Hampstead School a place in which students can develop into socially, culturally and academically rich individuals. Through an increase in skills-based activities such as debate, critical and analytical thought, as well as extracurricular groups based around social and political issues I hope to aid Hampstead students in becoming extraordinary". 

Tanha - "This year I hope to solidify Hampstead School as a strong community and make the Student Leadership Council a key part of the local community by contributing to wider society. I also look forward to holding more community events this academic year." 

Elijah - "I'm super excited to be part of the Student Leadership Council. This year I will focus on trying to bridge the gap between the Sixth Form and the Lower School. I'd love to make Hampstead School a safe place with fun events where we can all engage with each other in a supportive environment. Looking forward to getting to know you all, feel free to say hello!" 

Alisha - "My goal is to boost student voice, and establish a strong, exciting and loving community within the school. Building relationships and the fulfilment of students is really important to me " 

Finlay - ". One of my main goals as Principal Student is to improve Hampstead’s connections with professional institutions. This will give Hampstead students better work experience opportunities, and allow for more guest speakers and extra-curricular programmes. I look forward to creating a culture of success at Hampstead." 

Amirah - "My aim as a member of the Student Leadership Council is to create an environment where everyone can prosper and grow, to help others in productivity, motivation and engagement. I want to create a platform for building confidence for as many students as possible. I aim to do this by being an active voice and advocate for the various communities in Hampstead School through extracurricular activities that I have set up that allow students to come forward and share their opinions.” 

Dimitrios - "I want to make the school a better place by making changes that the students want. I want to make the school a happier place and have a better environment for future generations. Specifically, I would like to work to make the students feel comfortable to seek help and support, when needed, for their mental health.