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As educators we strive to build a curious growth mindset within our young people, enabling them to equip themselves with a problem-solving mindset and grounded confidence. We understand that as adults we must model these skills and, consequently, we invest heavily in staff training. Our staff as such become experts on how children learn, barriers to learning, mental health, positive and pro-social interactions, learning differences, to name but a few. We develop our staff, so that they can develop your children. This focus on creating effective and self-critical learners runs through every aspect of school life, including our extra-curricular activities. And through it all runs our central focus – your child’s wellbeing, a wellbeing constructed on a positive growth mindset.

Our journey over the past few years has led us to believe we are a wellbeing school; we place staff and student wellbeing at the heart of what we do, and tirelessly pursue developments.  In May 2019 we asked you for your opinion about wellbeing at Hampstead School, inviting you to offer suggestions of improvement. One of the suggestions was for us to upgrade our website with wellbeing and mental health material for you and your child to access, and as such, we have created a wellbeing page with mental health websites and resources which you might find of interest:

We have also developed our PSHCRE programme, which is specifically designed to address wellbeing and mental health issues.

This flourishing community is further refined by your child’s views – we harness student voice through our Student Leadership Group and our Hampstead School Anti-Bullying Zone (HABZ) ambassadors.  Fluent dialogue by all is promoted – we are a non-shouting school; we model calm, clear consistent communication skills in order to champion the ability within all to both co- and self-regulate.

At Hampstead School we do not just teach, we shape and mould young people into the happy, stable and successful adults of the future.  We ae proud to be the first secondary school in London to have received the Wellbeing Award (April 2020). We are also a trailblazer school in our work on Trauma Informed practice.

Click on the Link for our Student Wellbeing Parent Handbook

Click on the Link for Students:  Emergency Safeguarding Information

Support for Young People during Covid-19 Emergency

Parental Support:

Parents' tips for supporting an anxious child in lockdown

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