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Hampstead School

In Year Admissions


Applications for current Year groups 7 – 11 can be made directly to Hampstead School. An application form can be completed via the link below.  

Application In Year Admissions

If you have any questions you can call the school or email

Please note that we are not able to process any application until all the requested supporting documentation has been received.

Once an application has been processed, the school will either make an offer or add the application to the waiting list.  The position on the waiting list will be determined according to the admissions policy. The outcome will be communicated to the parent/carer within 20 working days of receipt of the application, in accordance with national guidance.

Should an offer be made, the offer must be accepted or rejected within two weeks from the date of offer.  If no reply is received an email will be sent stating that if we do not receive a reply from the family within one week of the date of the letter, the offer will be withdrawn.  This will be confirmed in writing and the child’s name will be removed from the waiting list.

In-year applications can be submitted at any time, but preferably no more than six school weeks before the school place is required. The reason for this, as stated above, is that a school place once offered should be taken up straight away. Applications for September will be processed from mid-July onwards, but there is no deadline for applications, and they can be submitted throughout the school summer holidays.

If a family moves or changes any of their contact details whilst on the waiting list, it is the responsibility of the family to notify Hampstead School of any changes.  Where there has been a change of address, new proof of address must be supplied.  Changing address may affect the family’s position on our waiting list.

If supporting documentation is not received within three months, the application will be removed and the parent/carer will need to reapply.


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