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Letter to Students/Parents & Carers - January Examination Series: Years 11, 12 & 13 

The Department for Education (DfE) has announced that GCSE, AS and A-level exams will go ahead next summer – and teachers and students will be given more time to prepare for them, to help make up for the disruption caused by the pandemic.

Most exams will take place three weeks later than usual. The summer exam series will start on 7 June and end on 2 July for almost all AS and A-levels and GCSEs.

However, one GCSE English and one GCSE maths paper will be scheduled before the summer half term, to give students affected by Covid the best chance of being able to sit at least one paper in these two qualifications. Some exams for AS and A-level qualifications which typically have low entry numbers will be scheduled before the half term break too.

The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) will shortly be consulting on a provisional version of the new exam timetable for summer 2021. There will also be adjustments to the timetable for Vocational and Technical Qualifications.

Results days will be a little later than usual - Tuesday 24 August for AS and A-levels, and Friday 27 August for GCSEs


Letter to Students, Parents/Carers - Years 11, 12 & 13 d/d 19 August 2020

These have all now been reissued with the exception of BTEC which will be finalised by the awarding body Edexcel on Friday 28th August.

The appeals process is still to be received from Ofqual for all results and you should email in the first instance.

Autumn Exams

The deadline for GCE and GCSE re-takes are as follows:

  • GCEs - 4 September 2020
  • GCSE - all other subjects - 18 September 2020
  • GCSE English Language & Maths - 4 October 2020

Please email the exams office with details of subjects you wish to retake or for advice at

Costs are £40 per GCSE. The costs for GCE exams vary so please ask the exam office. 


Warning to Candidates

Unauthorised Items

Information for Candidates Using Social Media and examinations/assessments

Information for Candidates: non-examination assessments

Information for Candidates for written examinations

Information for Candidates for on-screen tests

Information for Candidates - coursework assessments

Information for Candidates - Information About You and How We Use It



Can I make an appeal?

Even if your results are not what you were hoping for, you might still be able to move on to the next stage of your education or employment as you had planned. If you have concerns about how your grades were arrived at you should talk to your school or college about your options.

It is important to remember that:

  1. You can ask your school or college to check whether it made an administrative error when submitting information to the exam board. Administrative error might include, for example, mixing up 2 students with similar names, or accidentally copying across the wrong data, but do not relate to the professional judgements of centres in assigning CAGs. If your school or college finds it made a mistake in the information provided it can ask the exam board to correct it.
  2. Your school or college can appeal to the exam board on your behalf if it believes the exam board made a mistake when it communicated grades.
  3. You cannot challenge your school or college under the appeals process on the centre assessment grades it submitted or your rank order positions. Any appeal would have to be undertaken by someone better placed than your teachers to judge your likely grade if exams had taken place. In the unique circumstances of this summer, we do not believe there is such a person.
  4. You cannot appeal because your mock result was higher than the grade you were awarded. Your mock grade will have been taken into account in determining your centre assessment grade. You will either receive your centre assessment grade or your calculated grade (whichever is higher). It is important that you speak to your school or  college about whether it believes you have a reason for appeal.

Who can submit appeal?

All appeals must be made by the school or college. This summer your grade is protected, meaning that it will not go down to a lower grade as a result of an appeal.

When is the deadline for appeals?

17 September 2020

Who to contact at Hampstead School?

Please email:


Student guide to appeals, malpractice & maladministration complaints - Summer 2020
What to do if you have concerns or questions about your grades 

Guidance for Exam Candidates
Examinations Appeals Procedure
Examination & Assessment Malpractice
Word Processing Policy