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Subject Leader:                                              Ms K Stockings                         

Our Curriculum Vision

We take great inspiration from the Geographical Association and their Manifesto for Geography (‘A Different View’) believing that there are few things more fundamental than learning about ‘the earth as our home’.

For that reason, our curriculum could be summarized as:

 ‘Geography is the study of the earth as a home to humankind’ (Johnson, 1985).

Through the study of Geography, we aim to:

  •  Provide students with the means to think about the world in new ways - ‘thinking like a geographer’.
  • Provide students with the geographical knowledge they need to understand contemporary challenges facing our planet and to live their lives as knowledgeable citizens - aware of their own local communities in a global setting.
  • Provide students with the means to (and necessary knowledge to) question and debate the knowledge; such that they have the skills to be active participants and investigators- rather than passive recipients of knowledge.
  • Expose students to geographical enquiry- allowing them to deepen their conceptual understanding through reasoning, interpreting data, arguing their point and undertaking fieldwork.

For these reasons, our curriculum is built around rigorous, challenging and intriguing fertile questions.

“Questions open out a topic rather than closing it down” (Roberts, 2013)

Please CLICK below to discover more about our curriculum:

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4 Curriculum and Assessment:

(Edexcel B Specification GCSE)

Component 1: Global Geographical Issues (37.5%)

  • Topic 1: Hazardous earth
  • Topic 2: Development Dynamics
  • Topic 3: Challenges of an urbanising world

Component 2: UK geographical Issues (37.5%)

  • Topic 4: Coastal Change and River Processes
  • Topic 5: Case Study of a Dynamic UK city
  • Topic 6: One physical and one human fieldwork investigation

Component  3: People and Environment Issues (25%)

  • Topic 7: People and the biosphere
  • Topic 8: Forests under threat
  • Topic 9: Consuming energy resources

Key Stage 5 Curriculum and Assessment (Edexcel Geography AS and A Level)

AS Level

Paper 1 Dynamic Landscapes (50%)

  • Topic 1 Tectonic Landscapes and Processes
  • Topic 2B Coastal Landscapes and Change

    Paper 2 Dynamic Places (50%)

  • Topic 3 Globalisation
  • Topic 4A Regenerating places

A Level

Paper 1 (30%)

  • Topic 1 Tectonic Landscapes and Processes
  • Topic 2B Coastal Landscapes and Change
  • Topic 5 The water cycle and water insecurity
  • Topic 6 The carbon cycle and carbon insecurity

Paper 2 (30%)

  • Topic 3 Globalisation
  • Topic 4A Regenerating places
  • Topic 7 Superpowers
  • Topic 8 Global Development and Connections

Paper 3 (20%)

  • Resource based examination based on synoptic themes

Coursework: Independent Investigation (20%)

  • Student led investigation and report of 3000-4000 words.

Enrichment Opportunities:

There are many opportunities for extended learning in Geography from independent learning booklets at Key Stage 3 though to seminars and extended writing opportunities St Key Stage 5.

Additional Information: