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Hampstead School

Whole School

Hampstead School is committed to providing a comprehensive careers and work related programme throughout the school.

To deliver our aims we continue to develop a curriculum that embeds careers education information advice and guidance (CEIAG) whilst enriching students' lives with opportunities that reach beyond the classroom and into the wider global community.

In recognition of this the school was granted the national award of Investors in Careers in July 2015 and are committed to achieving re-accreditation under the Quality in Careers Standard.

Our Vision 

Hampstead School students are resourceful. They take full advantage of offered and advertised opportunities both in and out of school.

They are reflective, linking their taught curriculum to the essential skills valued by employers.

Our students are resilient. They challenge stereotypes and know there are many different pathways to success.

Above all, students take responsibility for their career journey and use their reasoning to make informed decisions about their future.

All Hampstead School teachers are teachers of careers and employability.

Careers Education and Inspiration Aims

  • To enable all students to develop the self-knowledge and skills that they need to take charge of their personal and career development
  • To be an integral part of the school curriculum
  • To contribute to wider school action to raise aspirations, improve motivation, develop key and other employability skills and illustrate the relevance of subject studies in future life
  • To promote equal opportunities and to challenge stereotypical thinking and attitudes
  • To help students overcome any overt and hidden barriers to progress that they may encounter
  • To enable students to understand that a career is a personal journey that includes learning, work and career breaks (both planned and unplanned), and that all career decisions involve making choices about learning and lifestyles
  • To ensure that students receive appropriate independent and impartial information and guidance, especially at key decision and transition points

Careers Education and Inspiration at Hampstead School is informed by the the Department for Education's Careers Strategy (Dec 2017) , the Gatsby  Charitable Foundation's Good Career Guidance (2014 & 18) and the Careers Development Institute Framework for careers, employability and enterprise education (Jan 2020)

The framework is constructed around three main areas of career and work-related learning:

1.     Developing yourself through careers, employability and enterprise education

Self-awareness, self-determination and self-improvement underpin aspiration, ambition and achievement in careers, learning and the world of work

2.     Learning about careers and the world of work

Exploring, investigating and understanding the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences that careers and the world of work have to offer is a prerequisite for successful planning and development

3.     Developing your career management and employability skills

Developing a range of career management, employability and enterprise skills is the key to meeting challenges, making progress and managing change